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Vertigo Chiropractic Treatment

vertigo chiropractic treatment

Vertigo Chiropractic Treatment

If you have ever experienced vertigo, you can agree with us that it is a very debilitating condition.

What it feels like:

Patient will express abnormal sensation caused by different movements by the head, resulting in dizziness and nystagmus.

What is it caused by:

  • Canalithiasis: free moving densities in the ear canal

Risk factors: Can include the following but are not limited to females, age, head trauma, migraines, inner ear surgery, vestibular neuritis.


  • Dr. Singh will conduct a thorough initial assessment
  • Dr. Singh will discuss a treatment place, which consists of gold standard test and CRP maneuver, to help minimize the dizziness
  • Patient are often given rehab techniques they can perform at home in conjunction with Dr. Singh’s treatments

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