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TMJ disorder

TMJ Disorder and Chiropractic Care

Dr. Amrita Singh

What is TMJ Disorder:

TMJ (Temporomandibular joint syndrome) is a pain and tenderness due to a dysfunction of the TMJ or surrounding tissue.


1) Myofascial pain dysfunction

2) Internal derangement

3) Degenerative Joint Disease

Pain Pattern & Complaints:

Jaw or facial pain (80% of time), increased pain with eating, locking/catching with movement of jaw (often a grinding or clicking). Can also present with headaches, earaches and neck pain. Can also have a history of whiplash.

General treatments:

The ultimate goal is to reduce pain and restore normality to the jaw. A multidiscplinary team of professionals can help reduce the pain and inflammation. A Chiropractor will often use a trigger point therapy targeted at specific jaw muscles along with TMJ and neck mobilizations/manipulations. Other treatments used as conjunctive measures include acupuncture, electrotherapy and mandibular distraction. Severe cases will result in surgical intervention to replace the damaged disc.

Come and speak with Dr. Singh to discuss how we can help your condition.

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