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Patella Alta Education

Patella Alta Education Educating our Patient on Patella Alta We firmly believe that educating our patients on every aspect of their condition is an extremely important part of treatment. We always educate our patients about the following: Information about…

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Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy What is cupping therapy? Cupping therapy is one of our treatment modalities where our health care professionals use cups with suction as a tool to reduce pain and inflammation. Traditional cupping therapy uses heat to create the suction…

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Walking with Crutches

Walking with Crutches Importance of proper crutch posture Before learning how to adjust to walking with your crutches, it is important to make sure they are properly fitted.  If your crutches are too high, it may be difficult to walk…

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Setting up Crutches

Setting up Crutches Who needs crutches? Individuals who have a leg injury of some sort will be recommended to use crutches by their health care provider as they recover. Most commonly you will see people with ankle injuries using crutches…

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