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spinal care

Spinal Care for Neck & Back

We see a large variety of spinal conditions, both acute and chronic.  We can approach a problem through many types of Physiotherapy & Chiropractic Treatments. For example, we use spinal mobilization techniques (hands on treatments) to reduce pain and increase joint mobility in conjunction with exercises and guidance on correcting body movements.  We also use repeated movements and positions to assess the way your body processes and responds to pain and help you actively manage your pain. We educate you on which movements to perform at home to resolve your issue. We also deactivate painful trigger points using myofascial release techniques, acupuncture and dry needling.

Other very helpful treatments can include spinal decompression with use of our sophisticated computerized traction bed, and modalities such as Interferential Current, Ultrasound, Heat/Cold and Laser.

PhysioMAX Wellness offers physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy and other health care services to many patients in the Burlington area including Hamilton, Oakville, Stoney Creek, Waterdown, and Milton.

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