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Scoliosis is an abnormal side curve of the spine.  Often the vertebrae are also rotated.  The condition can be genetic.  In most cases, however, the cause of this is unknown.  It affects females more than males and often shows up in adolescence.

It rarely causes back pain on its own.  If there is pain, it is generally from a disc or joint issue resulting from the abnormal curve.  Scoliosis can also occur later in adult life when deteriorating vertebral discs and joints can cause curvature.

Physiotherapy & Chiropractic Treatments vary and can include bracing, stretches and strengthening in a physiotherapy setting and in the home.

PhysioMAX Wellness offers physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy and other health care services to many patients in the Burlington area including Hamilton, Oakville, Stoney Creek, Waterdown, and Milton.

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