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We provide a secured and private video conferencing system to allow us to virtually help you continue your rehabilitation and healing process. This will allow us to work with you one-on-one to ensure that we do everything possible to help you through your journey to feeling happy and healthy again. You can access it from any phone or computer with video camera capability.

In each session, the physiotherapist will educate you on your injury or condition, listen to your concerns, assess your range of motion, evaluate your strength and discuss treatment options for you. They may also prescribe exercises or stretches that they will email to you so that you can continue to use them as treatment at home.

The physiotherapist will walk you through everything and answer any questions that you have. They can educate you on the intensity of exercises or other self-administered techniques such as soft tissue massage or friction under the direction of the physiotherapist. They will discuss pain management strategies to be done at home as well as suggest any equipment that may be beneficial on your road to recovery.

Most health insurance providers are covering tele-health or tele-rehabilitation appointments. If you are unsure about your coverage we recommend that you contact your health care provider to confirm if you are eligible. We are offering a FREE 15 minute session where a physiotherapist will answer any questions you have about this service and give you a sample of how the appointments will be set up.

If you are interested in booking an appointment or would like to book your FREE 15 minute trial:

  • Call us at 905-315-9955
  • Email us at
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