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postural dysfunction correction

Postural Dysfunction Correction

Why everyone should improve their posture?

When maintaining correct posture, the joints, ligaments and muscles of the neck and back are positioned optimally so they are under minimal stress. Maintaining this position reduces the likelihood of back or neck injury, which is vital in today’s society where spinal and postural pain are prevalent.

Maintaining correct postural alignment helps those suffering from neck or back pain, by reducing stress on injured structures, thereby speeding healing. Furthermore, this optimal spinal position enables your muscles to generate force more efficiently which improves performance in sporting or recreational activities.


Shift your body weight so that your feel your weight balanced over your arch or middle of your feet. Stand with your knees straight, not bent. Do not have your hips rotated too far forward or backward. Tone and train your abs as the deep ones are important stabilizers for good posture. Don’t slouch and ensure you do not have a forward head posture.

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