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PhysioMAX Wellness

Physiotherapy in Burlington


Physiotherapy Burlington

Get high quality physiotherapy in central Burlington.

Our physiotherapists use dry needling and acupuncture to resolve a variety of conditions. We also teach these techniques to other therapists across Canada. We are centrally located near the QEW. We treat the person, not the condition. Our facility is fully equipped (laser, mechanical traction, complete gym) and very comfortable. Our team gives you the time you need to heal and teaches you how to prevent issues from arising.

We treat any muscle or joint related condition you can think of including:

TMJ dysfunction (jaw pain)


Shoulder tendinitis

Neck and Back pain

Hip issues

Wrist sprains

Tennis Elbow

Sports Injuries

Work Injuries

Injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident

Ankle and foot problems

…and much more

During your first visit, you will be asked many questions and your therapist will assess your problem area. Based on the findings, your treatment will be started that same day.
Your therapist will explain your issue and advise you what you need to do at home and how often you need to come for treatment.

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