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Custom Foot Orthotics at PhysioMax Wellness

How do you know if you need orthotics?

The need for orthotics is affected by many factors including foot mechanics, running or walking style, body type, and injury history and activities of daily living.

For example, if you are standing and walking on a cement floor for 8 to 10 hours a day and you have pronated feet (flattened arches), then chances are you may benefit from orthotics to help you alleviate any pain symptoms or prevent them.

When you are starting a new exercise program or increasing your distance, speed, or intensity in your current program, then it is beneficial to have your feet and gait examined in order to ensure you exercise with optimal biomechanics.

The over-pronating foot generally needs to be supported to limit the rate and amount of excess foot motion, whereas an under-pronating foot requires accommodation and shock absorption.
Poor foot mechanics can contribute to muscle, ligament, or joint pain in the lower limb or low back before, during, or after any type of activity. One hint often missed is the wear pattern on your shoes; if they are showing excessive or abnormal break-down in a short period of time, this can also be an indicator of poor foot mechanics.

Custom Foot Orthotics

Professional Foot Analysis and Custom Foot Orthotic Fitting Available

If you have foot, knee, hip or back issues and they seem to be bothered even more with standing and walking, then take advantage of the professional biomechanical assessments offered at PhysioMax Wellness.

Our Physiotherapist & Chiropractor can perform a thorough assessment to fully determine if orthotics are necessary and what specific orthotic would be best for you. A biomechanical assessment should include a detailed history of your condition, various functional tests, a gait assessment, and some level of patient education. This process can take anywhere from a minimum of forty minutes to over an hour. A cast must be a three-dimensional capture of your foot. This can be done using plaster of Paris, a foam impression (from a seated position), or a non-weight-bearing three-dimensional digital image.

Simply book your Orthotics Assessment and after assessing your needs, we will suggest the best options both for orthotics. If you are also interested in footwear, we will point you in the right direction and offer you at least 5 large resources each with their own catalogue. As it can be a challenge to choose what’s right for you, we’ll help you narrow down your choices.

Call us today at 905-315-9955 and start walking without pain!

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