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Raynaud's Disease

Raynaud’s Disease

Raynaud’s Disease is a sudden constriction of the blood vessels that slows blood flow to the extremities, most often fingers and toes. Often there is discomfort due to pain, tingling and numbness and there generally is a change in skin colour (blue or white colour change)

It can last from a few minutes to a many hours and is more common in females.

In most cases, Raynaud’s phenomenon is harmless and has no lasting effects. In severe cases, however, loss of blood flow can permanently damage the tissue.


Complications of severe Raynaud’s phenomenon include: impaired healing of cuts and abrasions, increased susceptibility to infection, ulceration, tissue loss and scarring.


Treatment can include warming of the hands with water or hot wax, and the use of acupuncture.

Prevention tips include:

Avoid prolonged exposure to cold weather or sudden temperature changes, such as leaving a warm house on a cold day or air conditioned rooms in hot weather, keep your extremities warm with gloves and wool socks, don’t smoke cigarettes or drink caffeinated beverages, since nicotine and caffeine constrict the arteries, exercise regularly to maintain blood flow and skin condition.

Physical activity can also help increase your energy levels, control your weight, improve your cardiovascular (heart) fitness and help you to sleep better. It is important to make sure that you eat a healthy and well balanced diet.

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