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Headache chiropractic care

Headache Chiropractic Care

Dr. Amrita Singh

Pain Pattern & Complaints:

Head pain originating from the neck and is localized to the neck and occipital area. Pain is often aggravated by neck movement or posture. Pain can radiate to the forehead, eyes, temple or ears.  Pain can also transfer down the shoulder in a non-specific manner.

Pain Aggravated by:

Pain is often increased with repetitive neck motion and sustained awkward neck position, for example, neck extension while painting the ceiling or washing the floor.

General treatments and treatment goals:

1) Pain management including acupuncture and dry needling

2) Traction, mobilization or manipulation

3) Stretching

4) Introduce adjunct therapies

5) Patient Education: Stress management and regular exercise is key!

Come and speak with Dr. Singh to discuss how we can help your condition.

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