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Diastasis Recti Prevention

Diastasis Recti Prevention Activating and strengthening the transverse abdominis muscle before, during and after pregnancy could be extremely beneficial with preventing diastasis recti. Each of these exercises activates the transverse abdominis muscles but it is IMPORTANT to consult your…

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Patella Alta Education

Patella Alta Education Educating our Patient on Patella Alta We firmly believe that educating our patients on every aspect of their condition is an extremely important part of treatment. We always educate our patients about the following: Information about…

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Walking with Crutches

Walking with Crutches Importance of proper crutch posture Before learning how to adjust to walking with your crutches, it is important to make sure they are properly fitted.  If your crutches are too high, it may be difficult to walk…

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Setting up Crutches

Setting up Crutches Who needs crutches? Individuals who have a leg injury of some sort will be recommended to use crutches by their health care provider as they recover. Most commonly you will see people with ankle injuries using crutches…

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Improving Balance

Improving Balance Balance is extremely important. It allows you to have your independence. Having good balance allows you to walk and complete daily tasks with ease. This is a skill that you can train every day and for as many…

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How to Use TRX

Have you seen this workout tool but wondered how to use TRX? Try these simple exercises and stretches below to get started with your TRX cables. TRX stands for total body resistance exercise. It uses your body weight to provide…

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How to Heal a Wrist Injury

These exercise videos are for rehabilitating a general wrist injury. The wrist is comprised of many muscle tendons, nerves and muscles making each injury very unique. Every wrist injury needs to be treated specifically to the condition so please consult your doctor or physiotherapist…

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