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This condition arises from the head being jolted violently back and forth, usually as a result of a sudden blow or impact.  This often happens in car accidents.  Initially you may feel little pain, but over the next day or so both the front and back of your neck and your shoulders will become stiff and painful, and possibly swollen.  You may also experience muscle spasms, limited neck movement, nausea, headaches, blurring of vision and ringing in your ears, along with a general feeling of fatigue and sometimes, difficulty thinking.

Most symptoms will disappear within a few weeks. Extra rest in week one or two post trauma are important.  However, be careful not to overdo rest and ensure you initiate movements through a structured physiotherapy program.  Treatment for whiplash can include myofascial work, joint mobilization, stretching and strengthening, heat and ice, acupuncture, proper body mechanics, laser and dry needling.

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