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TRX exercises are a great way to enhance a body weight workout. It adds more resistance for your muscles and you can perform certain exercises from different angles to make your workout more of a challenge. There is a variety of movements that you can do. It is safe to use and can help you challenge your workout or use it as a tool to focus on your form. TRX cables are inexpensive and portable. They can be set up anywhere from a tree to a door frame. They are extremely durable and will last a very long time. Call us to find out how we can help you get set up with your TRX cables and to learn some new exercises. Try these TRX Exericses for some basic starter exercises with your TRX bands. View more exercise videos here.

Hold for 15-30 seconds with your back and shoulders completely relaxed as you hang down from the TRX straps.

Hold for 15-30 seconds as you lean forward into a lunge. Allow your arms to be pulled back and your chest to stretch out.

Keep your back and core engaged to not allow your back to sag. Curl your heels back towards your buttocks. Complete 8-10 repetitions.

Put your toes of one foot in the loops of the TRX band and inch your other foot forward to allow yourself to lunge into a split squat. Complete 8-10 repetitions on each side.

Angle your body and engage your core and back to ensure that your back does not sag. Perform 8-10 push ups against the resistance of the TRX bands.

Angle your body and engage your core and back to ensure that your back does not sag or arch. Pull your self up against the TRX bands and be sure to pinch your shoulder blades together to engages those muscles. Complete 8-10 repetitions.

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