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What is Tele-Health?

What is tele-health? PhysioMax Wellness is offering tele-health appointments for new assessments as well as continuing treatment. The physiotherapists can assess you via phone call to get an idea of how your condition affects you as well as via video conferencing to properly assess your range of motion, movements and more.

Want to stay home? We got you!



From the comfort of your own home! There is no need to leave your house to get excellent treatment. We understand that not everyone feels safe leaving their homes at this time due to the current status of the pandemic. Tele-health is completely safe. You do not need to meet with anyone externally, you meet the physio and start your treatment plan virtually.


Connect to our physiotherapist from any device that has a functional camera and microphone. For assessments that do not intend to come into the clinic for their in-person assessment, it is important that your assessment be conducted over a video call. This will allow the physiotherapist to evaluate your condition and use programming tools to ensure that they get the most accurate assessment of your range of motion and movement patterns to precisely create your treatment plan.


Book on your own time! You don’t have to juggle your life around to invest in your health and maintain treatment. Having a virtual appointment helps you to avoid stressing out about leaving the house and getting to the clinic on time when you have a busy home life as well. We always try our best to accommodate the times that work for you. Your health and wellness is our #1 priority.


Tele-Health is an individual session with our physiotherapist to discuss how you are feeling and progressing with your aches and pains. The physiotherapist will use the information that you give them about how you are feeling, to adjust your treatment plan to ensure that you are on the best path to recovery.

Julia de Reijke RKin, CSEP-CPT, BASc Kinesiology (Hons), DipFTHP

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