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An illustration of a foot xray with a red spot showing the injured ankle.


Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is one of the newest injuries diagnosed in runners.

Essentially, it is an injury to a nerve that runs along the inside of your ankle. It is similar to carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist, which is pain usually associated with repetitive motions such as typing.

We used to think that numbness or tingling along the inside of the ankle or on the bottom of the foot was needed to confirm tarsal tunnel syndrome. But now we know that pain felt while pressing just behind the ankle bone is enough to signal this problem.


Some symptoms include:

  • shin splints,
  • a sore achilles tendon,
  • plantar fasciitis,
  • burning or tingling on the inside of the ankle,
  • bone spur, and
  • discomfort that increases with movement and decreases with rest.
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