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Plank Variations

Plank Variations Planks are excellent exercises, not just for your core, but for your whole body. They isometrically engage all of the major muscles in your body giving them a good workout and when done consistently, can really tone these…

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Improving Balance

Improving Balance Balance is extremely important. It allows you to have your independence. Having good balance allows you to walk and complete daily tasks with ease. This is a skill that you can train every day and for as many…

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Osteoporosis Health

Osteoporosis Health Small slips and trips, managing many tasks at once and having a lot on your mind can all increase your risk of falls. Living with osteoporosis, falls come with a greater risk of fracturing your bones. Osteoporosis causes…

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Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy: Fast – Effective – Safe There are two general types of lasers; heat lasers that cut through tissues and cause damage, and low-level cold lasers that stimulate tissue repair, reduce inflammation and reduce pain. The laser therapy we…

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Multi-Disciplinary Health Care

Benefits of Multi-Disciplinary Health Care By having a multi-disciplinary health care team of practitioners and modalities at your disposal, your are optimizing your chances at recovering from an injury or improving/maintaining an existing condition. Chiropractic Chiropractic is a form of…

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