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A stroke results from an acute event that causes lack of blood supply to a part of the brain. This blockage usually affects a cerebral artery (know as ischemic) or is due to a sudden increased cerebral pressure after a blow in the head. It could cause internal bleeding and /or massive swelling inside the skull compressing the arteries (known as hemorrhagic). As a result the blood supply to the brain cells is stopped. Our brain cells need oxygen and nutrients continuously to keep them alive. Any deficit in blood flow could automatically stop their function leading to cellular death.

In physiotherapy we use several methods and techniques to help patients with their healing process after a stroke, and acupuncture is one of them.

Acupuncture, according to the western approach, stimulates the normal blood flow in the entire body. In addition, it can unblock abnormal circulation in any specific injured structure in the body. Traditional Chinese Medicine explains it as an energy blockage or imbalances in the body after any injury or disease. Therefore, acupuncture stimulates and balances the flow of energy (Qi) and blood in the body and to the brain using the insertion of very fine sterile needles into the skin at the points of specific channels or meridians. The points to be used are chosen based on each patient’s specific signs and symptoms. After a stroke, acupuncture points in the “yang” meridian are often used for greater effectiveness.

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