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Orthotics Electronic Scan

Orthotics Electronic Scan

Orthotics Electronic Scan benefits

Scanning your feet with this program can actually be more effective than traditional foam molds. If not trained properly, you could imprint the incorrect arch structure with foam molds resulting in orthotics that would be essentially useless. The non-weight-bearing position is the ideal position of your foot to accurately create your custom orthotics. Scanning this way, allows us to do the best job possible.

Non-Weight Bearing Orthotics Electronic Scan

The program that we use to scan your feet for your orthotics imprints allows your feet to be in the ideal non-weight-bearing position to get the best quality measurement. By using a non-weight-bearing position for your foot the scan can model a more accurate representation of how your natural foot mechanics appear in a relaxed position, unaffected by external factors.


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Julia de Reijke RKin, CSEP-CPT, BASc Kinesiology (Hons), DipFTHP

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