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Occupational Therapy

We offer functional assessments which measure an employee’s level of function and ability to perform work related, occupational tasks on a safe and dependable basis over a defined period of time. We collect data during the assessment and analyze it in order to establish the worker’s current level of function in regards to their ability to perform a variety of occupational tasks.

The assessment includes:

  • a review of pertinent clinical pathology,
  • identification of client behaviours that impact physical performance,
  • and objective musculoskeletal, neuromuscular and biomechanical testing.

This is complemented by functional testing, and an assessment of effort. Through the analysis and interpretation of the data, we can usually make a workday projection for the client.

We offer this through the following:

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a functional assessment which uses a standardized approach and process to assess all functional tolerances that are safe for the worker, based on the pertinent clinical pathology, and would not necessarily be specific to a job. A workday tolerance is routinely provided with a FCE.

Worksite Analysis

Worksite Analysis is an objective evaluation of a particular occupational tasks which identifies postures, movements, forces, repetitions, loads and other physical demands of each job task. The physical environment of the job is also documented, including work station dimension and layout, equipment, tools and any other factors which affect workers.

These assessments, along with education for many groups of workers, are often done through our sister company, Meridian Health Assessments.

Our Occupational Therapist

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