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nerve impingement

Nerve Impingement

A pinched nerve in the neck is caused is often a result of a weakening of the muscles around the spine. Depending on where the nerve is pinched, varying symptoms can result.  For example, a pinched nerve at the fifth cervical vertebra can cause shoulder pain and a pinched nerve at C6 can cause weakness of the biceps and wrist extensors. At C7, a pinched nerve can cause pain or numbness that moves down the arm to the middle finger.

A pinched nerve in neck can result simply from the neck’s position on the pillow while sleeping or while doing household chores or a repetitive work activity. Treatment can include manual neck traction, mechanical neck traction, postural exercises, the McKenzie method, acupuncture and biomechanical education.

Physiotherapy & Chiropractic Treatments include light stretches for the support muscles, Therapeutic Ultrasound, and the use of the IFC machine to relieve pain.

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