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MVA Chiropractic Care

mva chiropractic care

MVA Chiropractic Care

Neck Pain

Dr. Amrita Singh

What is an MVA caused Neck Sprain or Strain:

Typically it a motor vehicle accident which causes pain in the neck and shoulders. The patient may experience immediate pain, following the injury. Injury can also be delayed for up to 24-48 hours afterwards.

Pain Pattern & Complaints:

Pain can be localized in the neck and shoulders. Pain may radiate up into the occiput or down to the shoulder or arm in a randomized pattern. Typically a tension headache may also be present. Patient may also present with postural changes, muscle guarding, swelling and soreness.

Treatment once red flags are ruled out:

1) Patient may be referred to diagnostic imaging following the injury

2) The primary goal for acute pain is to control inflammation, through ice and rest. Acute mobilization and cervical collar for a short period is prescribed. Muscle release techniques for the scalenes, SCM, and posterior neck muscles will be a key focus. Chiropractor will primarily focus on reducing pain and inflammation, and gradually introduce mobilizations, to patients tolerance and introduce other treatments, including acupuncture and rehabilitation. Rehab is also key to improve flexibility in the neck and shoulders.

Come and speak with Dr. Singh to discuss how we can help your condition.

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