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Low Impact Workout

Low Impact Workout

Try out these exercises for a low-impact workout that targets upper body, lower body and core. DO NOT complete these exercises if they cause pain.

  1. Squat & punch

    Start standing with feet shoulder width apart. Drop your hips back and down as if about to sit in a chair to squat down. When you stand back up, punch across in front of you and alternate from side to side with the punches. Complete 8-10 repetitions.

  2. Standing oblique crunches

    Start standing with feet shoulder width apart. With your hands behind your head, and facing forward, Lift your right leg up to try and meet your right elbow as you crunch to the side. Complete on the opposite side as well. Complete 8-10 repetitions.

  3. Triceps dips

    Find a chair, bench or other stable surface to place your hands on. Walk your feet out to a comfortable distance. Bend your elbows to lower your body down and press back up against the resistance of your bodyweight. You can walk your feet in closer to you and bend your knees to make the resistance easier to handle at first. Complete 8-10 repetitions.

  4. Plank renegade rows

    Start in a plank position with feet shoulder width apart. You can also start with your knees on the ground for a beginner position. Take a manageable weight under your hands. Doing your best to keep your shoulders and hip facing the ground, lift the weight on each side in a rowing manner. Complete 8-10 reps on each side.

  5. Chest press

    Start lying on your back or on a bench, with feet flat on the ground. Chose a manageable weight to hold in each hand. Hold the weights at chest level and press straight up in to the air. Exhale as you press the weight up and inhale as your bring it back down to your chest. Complete 8-10 repetitions.

  6. Stiff leg deadlift

    Start standing with feet shoulder width apart. Have a manageable weight in each of your hands. Keep a slight bend in your knees but keep your legs relatively straight throughout the exercise. Hinge at your hips and lower the weights. Squeeze your glutes and stand straight back up. Exhale as your stand up and inhale as you lower the weights. Complete 8-10 repetitions.

  7. Anti-rotation press

    Start by standing with feet shoulder width apart. Use a resistance band or cable at chest height. Stand to the side of the resistance. Brace your core and with knees slightly bent, press the band straight in front of you. Keep your shoulders and core facing forward as you press against the resistance. Complete 8-10 times with the resistance coming from each side.

It is always important to consult your health care provider before starting a new exercise program.

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Julia de Reijke RKin, CSEP-CPT, BASc Kinesiology (Hons), DipFTHP

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