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Education & Volunteering Opportunities at PhysioMax Wellness

Volunteering Opportunities

PhysioMax Wellness offers career exploration for those interested in finding out if a certain career or work environment would interest them. Volunteering will also allow you to build skills, gain experience and gain support in your journey of finding a career path that is meant for you. You can attain both practical and theoretical knowledge, network and build life long relationships through helping others.

We have a strict program and an interview is required before volunteering, along with a reference request if need be. There is a minimum amount of hours required, along with other standard demands. In return, you have a proper orientation, a positive learning experience, and the chance to improve yourself in a variety of ways.

Many of our volunteers have gone on to become health care professionals or have found other related paths of success due to their jump start at PhysioMax.

Clinical Internships

We offer a variety of clinical internships for Physiotherapy and Physiotherapy Assistant students, and occasionally for high school co-op students. We ensure the student has a rewarding experience and learn a great deal while applying their newly learned skills to help our employees run an efficient operation and maintain a working environment full of care, compassion, and stellar service.

If you are interested in having us involved in your education, email us with your information and time lines and we will determine if you can complete your internship with us based on availability and a structured interview process.

We communicate with the school involved to ensure all required paperwork is properly completed by both the student and our staff.


Privacy Policy

The information collected from the Registration Form will be used for administrative purposes of…., including: registration in the treatment program, distribution of preparation materials, and to notify you of pertinent information. Any financial information given will be used to process the applicable fees and will be retained for future reference. This information is protected and is being collected pursuant to section 39(2) and section 42 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act of Ontario (RSO 1990). Questions regarding the collection or use of personal information should be directed to the Co-owner and Physiotherapist , Nils Perez, 1035 Brant St., Burlington, Ontario, 905-315-9955.

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