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Dry Needling is increasingly becoming popular amongst physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage therapy and physician’s clinics as it is very effective in treating myofascial dysfunctions and stubborn, tight muscles that are difficult to release.

This technique involves repeated insertion of an acupuncture needle into the muscle belly (often in the trigger or motor point) until both the patient and the practitioner feel a local twitch response. This twitch “resets” the tight muscle, allowing it to relax and lengthen to its normal position, thereby decreasing pain. Dry needling can even be used at each spinal segment, which corresponds to the symptoms felt in the extremities (arm, leg), which further helps to relax the entire neurological system, in turn, calming down the musculoskeletal system.

It is quite popular in the athletic populations, which are prone to tight muscles due to a repetitive motion in sport. It is also very useful for patients who have neuropathic pain of a chronic nature.

Dry needling is backed more by Western medicine theories than Eastern philosophies and for this reason, it is recommended by many more physicians that have not allowed themselves to fully accept acupuncture and its eastern approach. Having said this, acupuncture can also be explained by Western theories, especially in the treatment for musculoskeletal conditions; this fact, along with the research supporting its effectiveness, has won many doctors over during the last 30 years.

Our Physiotherapists and Acupuncturist teach Dry Needling theory and clinical application continuously throughout the year to a large population of health care professionals including Physiotherapists, Doctors, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Nurses, Occupational Therapists and Naturopaths.

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